Terms & Conditions

What our tipsters will do is provide well-researched tips. We can't promise winning all the time. Any tipster that do that is lying.

If you wish to re-join after you have cancelled your membership then a new monthly payment will need to be agreed to when re-activating your membership, and checkout like a new customer again.

No refunds will take place after a payment run date has been made, For example if you let your payment run on the 7th march but then ask to cancel this on the 8th March this will not be eligible for a refund. 

The cancellations process must have been completed before your next payment run to prevent a further payment been taken by King of Gambling. 

You should make a clear note of your monthly payment date as this payment will be taken automatically each month. 

It is your discretion not ours to keep track of your payment date and in the instance you “forgot” to cancel a payment then this would not meet our terms for a refund. 

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